Job Reference

Apart from our full range of material handling and storage equipments, we provide lots of contracting service for warehouses. From flooring, decoration, steel structural platform, warehouse renovation, relocation of racking system, etc.. This is a crucial part in order to maintain or to improve the material flow of warehouse and the company image.

Prefabricated Steel Structure

Whether you need a storage platform, catwalk or an office mezzanine, the prefabricated steel structure system can be virtually 100% reused, reorganized or expanded according to the specific need in the future. Galvanized or powder coating finish is available. Loading capacity, quality and steel specifications are certified.

Industrial Flooring

High performance industrial flooring is suitable for new warehouse and renovation of existing warehouses. Our installation technology includes the utilization of specialized equipments, tools and techniques. From conventional Epoxy Self Leveling, Floor Hardener to Superflat Floor System (mainly being used together with VNA racking system) are available.

Insulated Panel Partitions

The high pressure injected PU (Polyurethane) foam, CFC free, self extinguishing, can withstand intense heat, low rates of water absorption and vapor transmission. It provides a cost effective way as a wall partition which can reduce the cost on air conditioning. Every panel can be reused and relocated whenever is required.